by Michael (August 13, 2010) Forget graphics. all it is is a radar and lets you know where the storm is headed to. If you want graphics go to your local news site. I love it. evo

by Ken (August 12, 2010) Simple app. Quick load. Use it all the time

by brandon (August 11, 2010) Simply the best for Droid, no other app has any thing that compares. The GPS current location, and the multi zoom are extremely useful.

by Tim (August 10, 2010) Awesome app. I ride a motorcycle to work and elsewhere as much as possible and this app is exactly as described, and exactly what I needed. Thanks!

by Sean (August 9, 2010) Need radar quick? This is it.....not bloated with other features. Straight up radar

by Jickyjack (August 8, 2010) Others are prettier or have more 'features'.. BUT this app is the fastest, most reliable and accurate of any. DROID

by Ginny (August 7, 2010) Exactly what it says it does. Simple fast animated local radar.

by Lee (August 6, 2010) Very good, runs as expected

by xtrm (August 5, 2010) It works. Quick and easy to use.

by Mike (August 4, 2010) I like it on my HTC incredible. Useful. It gets prettier when the weather gets bad!

by Bunk (August 3, 2010) A must have for any motorcycle rider! Gets better with each update.

by Adam (August 2, 2010) As a farmer, i use this every day. One of my most used apps, and one of the best.

by michael (August 1, 2010) Does exactly what it says perfect for instant radar! MyTouch Slide

by Scott (July 31, 2010) Very nice and very fast. Best weather map I've found yet - much better than Weather Channel.

by Kimberly (July 30, 2010) Can't be without. Simple. Just the current radar.

by James (July 29, 2010) This is by far the perfect app, for radar images. If you want more then just the radar image, go find a different program. Evo 4g

by Zack (July 28, 2010) Looks and works better than the radar on the weather channel app

by Jason (July 27, 2010) Great radar, works awesome on HTC EVO, I highly recommend downloading this app. Extremely accurate. Thanks dev.

by keith (July 27, 2010) great app. Check other radars from hometown and 3-5 day forcast=5star

by Mike (July 25, 2010) When I just want radar, this app is perfect. Fast, efficient and location accurate. Thanks Dev!

by null (July 24, 2010) This app is a must download. Much faster than any other app to check if it is going to rain, even better for this use over The Weather Channel.

by Mark (July 23, 2010) Amazing, better than the weather channel. I highly recommend this app. I'm surprised its free.

by Ann July 22, 2010) Fantastic!! A "must have"!! Watched storms while traveling; it helped us stay safe with some bad stuff approaching. Every phone should have this one! 10 stars! HTC EVO

by Joseph (July 21, 2010) Awesome app!! If you ride a motorcycle and the weather creeps up on you, can't tell the clouds direction, this app will mean possibly staying dry or hiding under an overpassing bridge!

by Brooke (July 20, 2010) Great app. I uninstalled ALL OTHER weather apps in my phone. This one has everything I need. Very well done!

by John (July 19, 2010) This is perfect when you don't want to go through 10 steps to see a radar image in motion. Next to zero load time. Works perfect.

by Blair (July 18, 2010) Simple and easy to use. I live on the coast where the weather can change quickly. I use this app almost daily.

by Tony (July 16, 2010) Excellent! I only care about the radar so this is perfect for me.

by Vince (July 15, 2010) Fast plus simple equals awesome.

by Russ (July 14, 2010) Great radar app. Simple, but very effective.

by MessyJessi (July 13, 2010) Great app. Was stuck in store and was able to see exactly when storm would pass.