Canada radar fix.

Internal upgrades and enhancements.


Current conditions and forecast fix.

Internal upgrade to Android SDK level 26. While this update doesn't directly affect users, it is mandatory to be done before we can submit an app to the Google Play Store for release.


Current conditions and forecast fix.


Long press on zoom in (+) switches to local view.

Long press on zoom out (-) switches to composite overall view (free and Premium).

Swipe away alerts to dismiss them.

Removed some cryptic error messages.


VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE. Please download and install promptly. Prevent bug for missing premium local radar products.

New Maps!


VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE. Please download and install promptly. Prevent bug for missing maps.


Fixed a bug that prevented clutter suppression feature from working in free mode.


Clutter suppression feature. Ground clutter, or reflections from objects close to the radar beam, appear as a roughly circular region, bluish in color around the radar station. These reflections can now be removed or substantially reduced from the screen by using this feature.

Improvements to performance.


Canada Radars

Clutter suppression

Minor correction to local view projection.

Improvements to redundancy and performance.


This is a technical release with improvements that address issues discovered in the previous release of RadarNow!.


This is a major release with improvements throughout the RadarNow!.

Improvements in performance.

Adopt Lollipop design guidelines.

Map now scales with to the density of the screen.

New "Current conditions" box

Temperature bubbles now show in free mode!

New NWS Alert system!

State/County boundary layer is not displayed by default now.